My Practice
My Practice includes Somatic Experiencing and Focusing and I’m a member of SEAUK (Somatic Experiencing Association UK), BFA (British Focusing Association) and TIFI (The International Focusing Institute).
I also bring to my practice my own experience of working through significant developmental trauma, as well as 26 years of experience working within therapeutic social care and education settings.

I'm passionate about this work having seen how it can facilitate deep change and transformation and it's a privilege for me to accompany others on their journey.

Qualifications and Training
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, SOS Internationale, UK 
Certified Focusing Practitioner - British Focusing Association
Certified Focusing Professional - The International Focusing Institute 
Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner. HeartMath Institute

I have regular supervision to support my practice and also regularly assist on Somatic Experiencing trainings.

Recent Professional Development trainings:
-BodyDreaming Module 2: At the Stillpoint with Marian Dunlea. April 2022
-Somatic Interventions for chronic pain & other syndromes: Peter Levine and Diane Poole Heller. March 2022.
-BodyDreaming Module 1: Nature, Attachment, Soul with Marian Dunlea. Dec 2021
-Embodiment Webinar: Ariel Giaretto. Nov 21
-Boundary and Space: The Jung Centre. June 21
-Somatic Strategies to Address the Interplay Between Shock and Developmental Trauma: - Peter Levine and Diane Poole Heller. Feb 21
-The Self: The Jung Centre. Nov 20
Transgenerational Trauma: 4 day Masterclass with Peter Levine and Efu Nyaki, The Ergos Institute. Nov 20.
Landscapes of Grief - Peter Gill, Living Focusing, October 2020
Embodiment in Focusing and Listening - 4 day retreat with Kay Hoffman September 2020

Professional Affiliations
The international Focusing Institute (TIFI)